Friday, December 24, 2010

Project Jumper: Interstice

Let's take a little break here, and put together a wishlist of stuff to work on for this "game." A real game would, of course, have a proper design document. But that would suggest a plan, and a vision of a final project, and any desire to prepare ahead of time.

Instead, I'm just going to list some stuff out in no particular order, and cross it off as I get it done, and add new things as I think of them.

I may not get to all of these, and the list isn't very exhaustive, but it does mean that if I don't have anything better in mind, I can just pick something at random off the list and work on that. Direction is a good thing.

  • Display map
    • Scrolling
    • Layers (e.g. background)
  • Display player sprite
  • Move player sprite
    • Left-right
    • Jump
      • Mario style controlled jumps
  • Map collision
    • Tiles that can be jumped through from below
    • Harmful tiles
    • Special effect tiles
  • Text boxes/popup messages
  • Sound/Music
    • Background music
    • Sound effects
  • Collectables/powerups
  • Camera
    • Follow player
    • Stay in map
    • Follow target other than player
  • Cut scenes
  • Changing levels
  • Continous map (load area changes seamlessly)
  • Main menu
  • Save games
  • HUD
  • Enemies
    • Ability to kill/be killed
    • AI/pathfinding
  • Multiplayer

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